Partnering Restaurants

WAHA is extremely grateful to these neighborhood restaurants for their willingness to support West Adams Heritage, and for their generosity to not only prepare the food, but to donate it as well.  We encourage all of our preservation friends and neighbors to support these fine establishments with our patronage.........and bring some friends along with you!!

Taqueria Los Anaya

4651 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016

At Taqueria Los Anaya, we specialize in authentic Mexican food, made with love and care, and proudly presented to all our guests. Whether you're dining in with us, ordering takeout, or have Catering needs, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality product available. Brothers Juan, Manuel, and Gerardo Anaya have over 60 years of collective experience, and they put their heart and soul in their food.


Papa Cristo's

2771 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90006

For more than 60 years, C & K Importing Company has been serving the Greek community on the same corner at 2771 West Pico Boulevard. Sam Chrys opened the market in 1948 with intentions to bring the foods and wines of Greece to Los Angeles.  He did so by importing all products from Greece while still maintaining a low price to his valued customers and friends.  C & K Importing Company grew into a market where all ethnicities come to visit and always enjoy the purity of the product assortment.

In 1968 Chrys Chrys purchased the business from his father to carry on the legacy. Chrys Chrys had an idea to open a Greek restaurant.  He traveled to the many regions and islands of Greece to understand the flavors and tastes in authentic Greek cooking.  He wanted to bring this authenticity back to his restaurant.  In the early 1990’s, Papa Cristo’s Taverna was established.  Only meats, seasonings, cheeses, olive oils, and other culturally true ingredients that are also found in C & K Importing are used to prepare the dishes offered at Papa Cristo’s Taverna. Chrys Chrys takes pride in providing his customers and friends with the best tasting foods, best service, and best price – just like his father.


Pasta Sisters

3343 West Pico Boulevard , Los Angeles CA 90019

“Cooking and baking is not just our business, it’s our joy, self-expression and therapy. The best way to remember our mother and how she used to make us happy with her food.”
       -  Chef Paola Da Re

Pasta Sisters is the story of a family. This story begins in Padova, a small town in the Northern Italy, more then 50 years ago.  Paola Da Re and her older sisters Luisa and Patrizia used to spend the afternoons helping their mother Maria Giovanna in the kitchen. Paola’s cooking passion started to taking the shape of a business at the end of the 2014, two years after she moved to Los Angeles. Paola's cooking ability, Francesco's entrepreneurship and Giorgia's creativity were the perfect ingredients for a successful family business. Pasta Sisters is a little slice of Italy located in the heart of our historical residential area.